Today is the Day!


Today is the day that the Festival begins. To kick things off there is a concert tonight at 5pm in the Berkman Recital Hall at the University of Hartford where the Hartt Community Division students and faculty will be singing songs by Women Composers.

Here is some information about this and the rest of the events this week, the locations, and parking.

Event Locations


University of Hartford

Events: Solo Vocal Works Concert, ICAM Composer’s Seminar, Hartt Saxophone Studio Recital, WCForum

200 Bloomfield Ave, West Hartford, CT

(860) 768-4100 ‎ ·

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For all events you can park in the same lot “Lot D.” Parking is free, but you need to get a pass from a Festival director. Contact the Festival to get one if you need a pass. To get to the lot, when you turn into the university entrance, continue straight. You will pass a parking lot on your right, and then another one on your left. When you see the second parking lot on your right hand side, pull in and park in a YELLOW space. The building that is directly in front of this lot is the Fuller Music Building.


To get to the Wilde Auditorium, go towards the Fuller Music Building. Follow the sidewalk that wraps around and to the right of the building (towards more parking.) The larger building to the right of Fuller has a rear entrance from the small parking lot you will be standing in. This is actually the front entrance for the Wilde Auditorium.



Charter Oak Cultural Center (Downtown Hartford)

Events: Local Composers Concert, Flute Works Concert

21 Charter Oak Ave, Hartford, CT

(860) 249-1207 ‎ ·

There is free parking in the lot across the street.

Google map,Hartford,+CT&cid=0,0,4599621967164142100&ei=Y1shUfXcF8b00QHnooD4BQ&ved=0CPMBEPwSMAE



Central Connecticut State University

Events: CCSU Music Forum

1615 Stanley St, New Britain, CT

(860) 832-3200 ‎ ·

Google map,Hartford,+CT&cid=0,0,4599621967164142100&ei=Y1shUfXcF8b00QHnooD4BQ&ved=0CPMBEPwSMAE



Unitarian Society of Hartford

Events:Concert Pro Femina

50 Bloomfield Avenue, Hartford, CT 06105

(860) 233-9897


If you follow your directions to the University of Hartford, the Unitarian Society will be on the way. They are only a few blocks apart on Bloomfield Ave.


Hotels in Hartford


Holiday Inn Express Hartford

440 Asylum St, Hartford, CT

google map,Hartford,+CT&cid=0,0,4599621967164142100&ei=Y1shUfXcF8b00QHnooD4BQ&ved=0CPMBEPwSMAE



Ramada Plaza Hartford

50 Morgan St, Hartford, CT

google map,Hartford,+CT&cid=0,0,4599621967164142100&ei=Y1shUfXcF8b00QHnooD4BQ&ved=0CPMBEPwSMA


The 2013 Festival is upon us!

One week from tonight, Wednesday March 6th, the 2013 Festival Guest Composer Hilary Tann we speaking at the Hartt School’s Composer’s Seminar. These lectures are fun and exciting and FREE! If you are at all interested in her music or her compositional approach and style, this will be a fun and rewarding hour of discussion. For more info visit

Afterwards, you can head over to the Charter Oak Cultural Center for the Local Composers Concert. The unifying theme of the concert is that all of the composers are from the greater Tri-State/New York areas. However, the pieces are extremely varied in style and instrumentation. For more info visit

So come check out an evening of exploration and discussion, and a concert of diverse music supporting local women.



Picture of the Day – July 13, 2012

The 2009 Festival featured a performance as part of The Hartt School Paranov Performance Hour.  Our Picture of the Day show Hartt alum Mike Lunoe warming up before the show.  Lunoe performed Jessica Rudman‘s Napoleon Complex for Solo Percussion, which he had commissioned from the composer.

Mike Lunoe performs

When commissioning the work, Lunoe requested a piece whose set-up could fit in a duffel bag.  Inspired by the idea of small instruments and also by her small dog, Rudman wrote Napoleon Complex in 2007 and incorporated theatrical elements, which can be seen in this Youtube video of the performance.