Composer-in-Residence Application

For each year’s Festival, one composer is selected to be the Composer-in-Residence and is commissioned to compose an 8 – 12 minute work for that year’s Ensemble-in-Residence. Composers who identify as women, including transgender and gender-fluid individuals, are eligible to apply. WCFH embraces diversity of race, ethnicity, and ability, and empowers artists from underrepresented groups who identify as women, including transgender and gender-fluid individuals, women of color, indigenous groups, LGBTQ, and the differently abled.

WCFH selects professional artists who inspire the next generation with their example of creativity, collaboration, and community.

The Composer-in-Residence typically receives a stipend between $2,000 and $3,000. When made possible by grant funding, this stipend may be increased. Travel costs are not covered; however, WCFH provides housing with local hosts when feasible.

Composers who would like to be considered for our Composer-in-Residence for a future Festival are invited to fill out our Composer-in-Residence Application. Applications are accepted year-round but must be received by January 1st to be considered for the following three years’ Festivals. Composers who are not selected are eligible to re-apply after the third year. Applications are reviewed by a panel, typically comprising two composers and one performer.

Hanna Kim, 2022

Tawnie Olson, 2018