Friday Festival Recap – June 14, 2013

Happy Flag Day everyone! Welcome to another edition of the Friday Festival Recap. This week we have a few candid photos of performers and presenters after events. With the large number of diverse events presented in just a few days, it’s great to see guests and performers taking time to socialize and share laughs.


2013 festival guest composer Hilary Tann enjoying a light-hearted exchange after the ICAM Composers Seminar at The Hartt School.


Daniel Morel, Mary Matthews, and Melissa Wertheimer

Mary Matthews and Melissa Wertheimer, members of the 2013 guest ensemble The Dahlia Flute Duo, and festival director Daniel Morel after an electrifying concert of new flute music.



Nicole Chamberlain, composer, sharing a joke during a discussion on building performer/composer relationships at the 2013 WCForum.

Friday Festival Recap – June 7, 2013

Time for another recap of the many wonderful events from this year’s festival. Be sure to keep an eye out for news regarding next year’s events. We hope to see you there!

Festival guest composer Hilary Tann speaks to the Music Forum at Central Connecticut State University.


Erica Maas, soprano, performs Elizabeth Austin’s Three Sandburg Songs


Monika Krajewska and Natasha Ulyanovsky

Monika Krajewska, soprano, and Natasha Ulyanovsky, piano, perform Pauline Viardot’s Havanaise and Hymne a l’amour by Marguerite Monnot and Edith Piaf.


Friday Festival Recap – May 31, 2013

With plans for the 2014 festival already in motion, it’s time to continue our recap of the many amazing performances and events from this year’s festival with a few of the many photos. More to come soon!


Carolyn Bell and Alex Nakhimovsky

Carolyn Bell, jazz stylist, and Alex Nakhimovsky, piano, perform a stellar set including Women Be Wise, Twisted, and Indigo Sky.


Carrie Koffman and Maggie Francis

Carrie Koffman, saxophone, and Maggie Francis, piano, perform Shakkei, by guest composer Hilary Tann.


Mary Matthews and Melissa Wertheimer

Mary Matthews and Melissa Wertheimer perform Consulting the Oracle, by Anna Rubin, winner of the 2013 composition competition.