Friday Festival Recap – June 14, 2013

Happy Flag Day everyone! Welcome to another edition of the Friday Festival Recap. This week we have a few candid photos of performers and presenters after events. With the large number of diverse events presented in just a few days, it’s great to see guests and performers taking time to socialize and share laughs.


2013 festival guest composer Hilary Tann enjoying a light-hearted exchange after the ICAM Composers Seminar at The Hartt School.


Daniel Morel, Mary Matthews, and Melissa Wertheimer

Mary Matthews and Melissa Wertheimer, members of the 2013 guest ensemble The Dahlia Flute Duo, and festival director Daniel Morel after an electrifying concert of new flute music.



Nicole Chamberlain, composer, sharing a joke during a discussion on building performer/composer relationships at the 2013 WCForum.

Wednesday Picture of the Week!

          Hello again! Hopefully everyone is safe and recovering from Sandy. We have another picture post from the 2011 Holiday Fundraiser concert that may help to get your spirits up. In this picture, Festival Director Daniel Morel is chatting with some of the fantastic ladies who were involved with the concert. From left to right they are: Mattie Banzhaf, Sheri Brown, Patrice Fitzgerald, and Grace White. The fundraiser gala included food, drinks, and performances.

         This winter we will be running our fundraiser on the Fractured-Atlas website. This will allow us to create a home page about the organization and the upcoming festival. There will also be descriptions of the various donation levels and the fun prizes we will be giving as thanks for any donations. The fundraiser will be running for a couple of weeks. So be sure to check it out when it launches and then spread the word!

Picture of the Day – 9/26/2012


What an amazing show of support for the Festival!  An avid audience listens to Daniel Morel as he opens the 2011 Benefit Concert.  The event was an unqualified success: great music, tasty food, and good company.  The funds raised by that concert helped us to present the wonderful events of the 2012 Festival, featuring Festival Guest Judith Shatin and dozens of other female composers.

Plans are well underway for the 2013 Festival, so if you would like to help support our activities, please check back soon for information about our upcoming fundraising campaign.

Picture of the Day – July 14, 2012

Here’s a photo from the 2010 Festival’s Local Composers Concert.  Festival Director Daniel Morel introduces Carrie Koffman and Sheri Brown before they perform an arrangement of Tanya Anisimova‘s Caravan.  

Daniel Morel introduces Carrie Koffman and Sheri Brown at the 2010 Local Composers Concert


Originally composed for two cellos, Koffman and Brown performed a version for two alto saxophones.  You can hear the composer and cellist Ole Akahoshi perform the original here.