Friday Festival Recap – May 31, 2013

With plans for the 2014 festival already in motion, it’s time to continue our recap of the many amazing performances and events from this year’s festival with a few of the many photos. More to come soon!


Carolyn Bell and Alex Nakhimovsky

Carolyn Bell, jazz stylist, and Alex Nakhimovsky, piano, perform a stellar set including Women Be Wise, Twisted, and Indigo Sky.


Carrie Koffman and Maggie Francis

Carrie Koffman, saxophone, and Maggie Francis, piano, perform Shakkei, by guest composer Hilary Tann.


Mary Matthews and Melissa Wertheimer

Mary Matthews and Melissa Wertheimer perform Consulting the Oracle, by Anna Rubin, winner of the 2013 composition competition.


Picture Wednesday – August 8, 2012

Continuing with our focus on the amazing performers who lend their time to the festival, here we have Carrie Koffman performing Kathryn Swanson-Ellis’ Timepiece. Carrie Koffman serves on the faculty at the Hartt School and has previously taught at Penn State, University of New Mexico, and Boston University. In addition to being a sought after instructor and adjudicator, she keeps a rigorous performing schedule, having worked with orchestras and ensembles across the country. For more information on Carrie Koffman, be sure to visit

Picture of the Day – July 14, 2012

Here’s a photo from the 2010 Festival’s Local Composers Concert.  Festival Director Daniel Morel introduces Carrie Koffman and Sheri Brown before they perform an arrangement of Tanya Anisimova‘s Caravan.  

Daniel Morel introduces Carrie Koffman and Sheri Brown at the 2010 Local Composers Concert


Originally composed for two cellos, Koffman and Brown performed a version for two alto saxophones.  You can hear the composer and cellist Ole Akahoshi perform the original here.