Weekly Wednesday Picture Post

Hello All!

Once again we have a wonderful picture from the 2011 Holiday Fundraiser Concert. It was a fun event where people could talk and socialize over food and drink and listen to great music.

This year we will once again be using Fractured Atlas to host our fund drive. There will be many fun thank you gifts for each of the giving levels. With many options, and lots of fun rewards, this is a great idea for a music lover in your family. Some of the gifts include mugs, tote bags, programs and posters signed by the musicians and composers, and even tickets to some of the 2013 Festival events. If you are unsure of what to get your arts loving friend for the holidays, you can make a donation in their name and give them the thank you gift!

Be sure to spread the word about the campaign. Every dollar counts and you never know who may be interested in helping our organization. We will update you as soon as the fund drive is up and running, so keep an ear open!

Weekly Wednesday Picture Post!

Hello again! It is another Wednesday which means another picture post! Today we continue in the series of pictures from the past Holiday Fundraiser concerts. This picture features the wonderful, elegant deserts that were a part of the festivities of the night.

Be sure to check out Fractured Atlas and this year’s Festival Fund Drive once we get it up and running. We will be featuring new thank you gifts for the various donation levels, so make sure to take a look at them and see if there is anything you or a loved one would like. You can also share the link to the page with all of your friends and family. You never know who might be interested and decide to give a little. Every little bit helps so keep you ear close as we announce the start of the drive, and make sure to spread the word!