Post-Wednesday Holiday Picture Post

Hello and Happy Holidays! 

         I hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and and friends and a couple of days off of work. In this week’s post, we have a picture from the 2011 Holiday Fundraiser  concert. The evening included wonderful music, food, drink, and friends. This year for our fundraising drive we will be utilizing Fractured Atlas and their hosting services. We have done this before and hope that this year will be more successful than ever. For that, we need your help.

On the Fractured Atlas website, there will be a page featuring our fund drive. (We will post links as the time comes.) On this page will be a video and information about the organization. Please share this with friends! Many of you are already aware of what the Women Composers Festival of Hartford is and does, but your friends and family may not. The video will be short and sweet, so share it. You never know who may become interested in our cause. There will be thank you gifts for the various donation levels ranging from $1 to $500. Every penny counts so please spread the word and help to support this years festival and musicians.