Picture of the Day – June 28, 2012

Today’s picture comes from the Electro-acoustic Concert on March 8, 2012.  The concert opened with Ryan Ford performing Kirsten Volness’s work for bass and electronics entitled Hints and Hauntings.  The composer describes the piece in her program notes:

“Hints and Hauntings is a pastiche paying homage to a long list of influences and experiences that have shaped my musical life. I sought to use sounds I once found far more prevalent in my daily existence, whose absence and possible future obsolescence I’ve noticed. (You’ll find I spent a lot of time as a child listening to records and reading the dictionary.) Formative sonic experiences find their way into the piece as well, like playing in a drumline and discovering electronic music, from early analog sounds to my teenage years dancing in clubs.”


Ryan Ford and Kirsten Volness


To learn more about Kirsten and her music, visit her website at www.kirstenvolness.com/.