Is the Classical Music World Passive About the Absence of Female Composers and Conductors?

Jude Kelly, artistic director of the Southbank Centre in London, and composer and conductor Debbie Wiseman discuss the music establishment’s passive attitude towards the absence of women conductors and composers in the classical music world.

Listen to the whole discussion:

“I think that there is a huge change underway across all industries for women and I think gender equality is the story of the 21st century. but i think that there are areas of the musical establishment that are gonna sit there passively and let that change happen, mainly agitated by women. I think this is an issue for young girls in school orchestras… the imagery of the conductor, the imagery of the composer that we need to change.”

“…I think at the moment unless young women see more images of women standing on the podium taking that central creative role you’re not going to get that sense in schools or in colleges and around the world that this is a natural destiny for any woman who wants to do that, and this is the way to speed up progress.”

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