Thank you to all composers who submitted work to the New England, NYWC, and International score calls for the 2015 Women Composers Festival of Hartford! We received more submissions than ever before. Thank you for your interest, support, and creativity!


Selected Composers and Pieces: Congratulations to…

Anais Azul- “Swords for Solo Piano”

Deborah Yardley Beers- “Through Tears and Beyond: Movements 3 and 4”

Victoria Bond- “Coqui”

Elizabeth Comninellis- “Bringing in the Boat”

Mel Fitzhugh- “Three Near Dance” and “Tali or Toli?”

Patricia Julien- “Taboo”

Dana Kaufman- “On the Move”

Debra Kaye- “Dialogue with the Ghost”

Patricia Leonard- “How Lonely Are My Days”

Sarah Mauro- “Fantasy No. 1”

Melanie Mitrano- “Two Phobias & An Infatuation”

Kala Pierson- “Spark”

Beth Ratay- “Song Without Words”

Liliya Ugay- “String Quartet No. 2: Movement 3- [des]peration” and “Nostalgia”

Rain Worthington- “Night Stream”

Mo Zhao- “Fantasy and Dance”


International Score Call Finalists:

Ralli Eleni- “COMplex COMbinations in 3”

Loretta Notareschi- “Opa Opá”

Kelley Sheehan- “Skin”

Yiran Zhao- “Ohne Stille (Without Silence)”

*All parts and scores for selected pieces are due by January 1st to


Stay tuned for a secondary announcement about our selected New England Guitar Quartet and WCForum participants!

One thought on “Congratulations!”

  1. Dear Women Composers Festival of Hartford,

    I am overjoyed that two movements of my work, Through Tears and Beyond, have been selected from the New England Score Call!

    I am very much concerned, though, that information has gone out from Hartford under my legal name rather than my professional name, Deborah Yardley Beers (the name I was given at birth, and a name I have registered as a DBA). I listed my professional name in the materials I submitted with the score, and was told that my professional name would be used in all materials. I would be very grateful if a correction could be made as soon as possible! Then I can forward the materials to my own connections with pride!

    I am looking forward ever so much to the festival, and thank you for the considerable efforts that you are making to bring this festival about.

    I also left a message at last night.


    Deborah Yardley Beers

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