Cheers to the 2014 Women Composers Festival of Hartford! Glad to be serving.


Mitra Sadigh writing here, the new publicist intern at the Women Composers Festival of Hartford. I am absolutely thrilled to be joining the 2014 Festival!

As a pianist, music teacher, and women’s rights advocate, I was surprisingly unaware of the gross absence of women composers and their works in classrooms, practice rooms, and concert halls until I sang in a choir in the 2010 Festival, taking part in a showcase of wonderful music by women composers I had never heard of. Soon after, I was fortunate enough to sing Gwyneth Walker’s music as part of a choir with the composer herself in the audience!

I’ll be posting quite a lot these next few weeks on an assortment of topics, sharing stories of women composers and their achievements in the news, sending happy birthday shout-outs to composers on their birthdays, and reminiscing on past festivals on throwback Photo Fridays. I hope that through my work here, I can help share music with the community, advocate for women in the arts, and encourage girls in music to pursue composition.

I am passionate about sharing music and promoting the creative contributions of women, as is the rest of the Women Composers Festival team. This year’s festival is a riveting line up of performances from vocal music to string ensembles, featuring women composers both present and historic, as well as a a series of forum discussions covering various music and composition topics.

Please join us in sharing music and supporting women in the arts. Like our Facebook page, read our posts, check out the festival’s concerts and discussions, tell your friends.

Cheers to the 2014 Women Composers Festival of Hartford! Glad to be serving.