We are looking forward to the 2021 Virtual Women Composers Festival of Hartford on March 19th and 20th, 2021! All events are free and will be available on the Event Page.

This is the first virtual Festival in our 20-year history, and through technology, we can reach even more people throughout the globe who love music and who want to support music created by women.

We recognize that so many of you, like the musicians and composers you will meet during this Festival, have suffered financial hardship as a result of the global pandemic that has consumed our lives for the past year. For this reason, for the first time, we opted to make this Festival free and accessible to all.

For those who are financially able to do so, we encourage you to make a tax-deductible donation, in lieu of a ticket. The suggested minimum donation is $25.00, but no amount is too small – or too large – and is deeply appreciated. Your donations help us to continue our mission to showcase the work of women composers throughout the world.

The Women Composers Festival of Hartford celebrates the diverse body of women’s music – both past and present. Festival concerts feature works by local composers, guest artists, and many more!

Continuing our tradition of diversity in performance and outreach takes a great deal of resources. Please consider making a donation to support this effort. Read more about how you can donate.

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