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Picture of the Day – June 27, 2012

We’ll be uploading pictures from the 2012 Festival over the next couple of weeks, so check here for the Picture of the Day.

Our first picture features Owen Weaver as he performs Lisa Coons’s Percussion Sculpture No. 1.

The composer writes the following about her piece:

Percussion Sculpture No. 1 was my first completed percussion sculpture. It was originally meant to be a realization of my frustration with our disposable nation. I imagined it to be an object of twisted scrap metal that moaned and screamed. The problem came when I started to make the sculpture…

I’m afraid that all of my anger and politics disappeared while spending the summer walking through the junkyard, hitting anything I could find to test the resonance and pitch, and dragging it back to the barn to weld. I ended up enjoying process more than ever before, while my dad patiently (and bravely) helped me re-learn the equipment of his shop. The whole experience became about the beautiful sounds we heard in the metal and the process of building something that sang. I have to thank my little sister for all the times I asked for her to listen, my dad for many, many hours spent helping me put this thing (and the several before it) together, and my mom for all of her aesthetic input and her first-aid knowledge (it healed nicely).”


Percussion Scultpure


More pictures (and video) from 2012 coming soon!

For more about Lisa Coons, visit www.lisarcoons.com/.


Volunteers Needed for Events, March 4-11

The 12th annual Women Composers Festival is seeking volunteers interested in supporting its events, March 4-11. The festival is looking for people to help with ushering concerts, stagehand duties, and driving and hosting festival guests. Modest compensation is available for festival volunteers.

Ushers and stagehands are needed for all six concerts, including the Choral Concert, March 4; Local Composers Concert, March 7; Electroacoustic Concert, March 8; Chamber Orchestra Concert, March 9; Concert Pro Femina, March 10; and Solo Vocal Concert, March 11. In addition to concert volunteers, the festival seeks drivers and hosts for our guest performers, the Curiosity Cabinet Ensemble, visiting March 9 – 11.

Everyone’s help is much appreciated. If you’re interested, email Daniel Morel at daniel@womencomposersfestivalhartford.com with availability.

February Fund Drive

The “WCF February Fund Drive” seeks to raise $2000 in the month leading up to our March 2012 festival. All contributions go toward paying equipment and venue rental fees and honorariums for the musicians who graciously take time in their busy schedule to perform in the festival concerts. Show your support for these amazing performers and the March festival with a donation.

Your contributions strengthen the concerts that we provide, March 4th – 11th, and supports our guests, including Virginia-based composer Judith Shatin, the NYC-based Curiosity Cabinet Ensemble, the Connecticut Trio, and many musicians from the Hartford area.

As part of our February fund drive for the 2012 Women Composers Festival, we are able to offer a number of gifts to our generous donors, including mugs and tote bags with our logo, a new Carrie Koffman CD, and many others.


Carillon Sky - Carrie Koffman CD
Women Composers Festival Mugs
New Gift Mugs for Festival Donors