Vincent LaMonica

Vincent LaMonica (b. 1993) is happy to be back in northeastern Connecticut after attending grad school in Boston (Boston University) and Chicago (Northwestern University, go cats!). Vinny advocates for and showcases music by underrepresented composers through his diverse career as a performer, conductor, and educator. He teaches Preschool through 8th grade general music and band at Union School, owns the Quiet Corner Music Studio in his beloved hometown of Ashford, conducts the East Woodstock Cornet Band and Ashford’s Babcock Cornet Band, is on the faculty at The Hartt School and Choate Rosemary Hall, and is the bassoonist and Executive Director of the Doclé Reed Quintet.

Outside of music, Vinny is an amateur boxer and loves playing pickleball, kayaking, swimming, hiking, and other means of exploring nature. He spends most evenings repeatedly watching Parks & Recreation, 30 Rock, and Community.