Marcia Killian

Marcia Killian is the owner of The Foundry Music Company, an independent sheet music retailer located in New Haven, CT.  Prior to her purchase of the business in November of 2014, Marcia worked in Information Technology in the Financial Services industry for over 30 years. She joined the Board of Directors of the Women Composers Festival of Hartford in June of 2017 as its Vice President/Treasurer.

 With 90% of its floor-space dedicated to sheet music, Foundry Music is one of the last remaining shops of its kind between NYC and Boston.  Its customers include music teachers, school systems, universities, churches, large choral groups, solo musicians and small ensembles.  The shop often procures music from tiny specialty publishers and self-published composers for its clients. As part of the company’s evolution, plans include expanding offerings by contemporary composers, and highlighting the work of women composers and composers from local communities.