2012 Guests and Works

Featured Composers

Judith Shatin – 2012 Composer-in-Residence

Eun Sook Baek
Amy Beach
Lydia Busler-Blais
Lili Boulanger
Marguerite Canal
Molly (Mary) Irene Carew
Chen Shih-hui
Chen Yi
Rebecca Clarke
Lisa Coons
Ruth Crawford
Emma Lou Deimer
Rebekah Driscoll
Ruth E. Dwyer
Clara Gerlich Edwards
Nomi Epstein
Patrice Fitzgerald
Whitney George
Joanna Gregson
Agathe Backer Grøndahl
Juliana Hall
Carolyn Halsted
Sarah Horick
Chan Ji Kim
Anita Kupriss
Chris Lastovicka
Liza Lehmann
Alma Mahler
Kathleen Lockhart Manning
Fanny Mendelssohn
Bonnie Miksch
Ellen O’Meara
Rene Orth
Alice Parker
Karen Power
Jeanine Rueff
Jessica Rudman
Jessica Rugani
Clara Schumann
Judith Shatin
Faye-Ellen Silverman
Barbara Strozzi
Kathryn Swanson
Inés Thiebaut
Dale Trumbore
Kristen Volness
Cherilee Wadsworth Walker
Gwyneth Walker
Maude Valérie White
Viola Yip

Featured Guests

Curiosity Cabinet Ensemble
The Connecticut Trio
The Dahlia Duo
Saraswati Quartet (from 016)
The New England Guitar Quartet

Programmed Works

Aftnen er Stille (Agathe Backer Grøndahl)
Alleluia (Emma Lou Diemer)
Antechamber (Chris Lastovicka)
Attente (Lili Boulanger)
Beacon Hill (Joanna Gregson)
Bee, I’m Expecting You (Emma Lou Diemer)
blue continuum (Kathryn Swanson)
Chanson et Passepied (Jeanine Rueff)
Dream Sequence (Rene Orth)
Du Bist Die Ruh (Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel)
Elijah’s Chariot (Judith Shatin)
Er ist gekommen in Sturm und Regen (Clara Schumann)
L’espoir luit comme un brin de paille (Marguerite Canal)
Evensong (Liza Lehmann)
Every Tendril a Wish (Bonnie Miksch)
Everywhere I Look! (Molly Carew)
Fall (Sarah Horick)
Fisherman’s Song (Chen Yi)
Five Songs for contralto and piano (Ruth Crawford)
Forget Nothing (Ines Thiebaut)
Four Little Pieces for Wood (Shih-Hui Chen)
Grito del Corazón (Judith Shatin)
Hark, I Hear the Harps Eternal (arr. Alice Parker)
Hearing the Call (Judith Shatin)
Hints and Hauntings (Kirsten Volness)
Homage to Chopin (Viola Yip)
How Can I Keep From Singing (Gwyneth Walker)
Into the Night (Clara Edwards)
Jajang-ga (Lullaby) (Chan Ji Kim)
Le Tre Grazie a Venere (Barbara Strozzi, arr. Susan Mardinly)
Let Peace Dwell Among Us (Patrice Fitzgerald)
Liebst du um Schoenheit, Lorelei (Clara Schumann)
Licht in der Nacht, Ansturm, Entlied (Alma Mahler)
Die Lorelei (Clara Schumann)
Lorelei (Clara Schumann)
Love is a Sickness (Dale Trumbore)
Lyric Lament (Stacy Cahoon; lyricist, Stevie Rawlings)
Mein Stern (Clara Schumann)
Moon Lilies (Lydia Busler-Blais)
My Father Was a Ventriloquist (Jessica Rudman)
Non ti doler mio cor (Barbara Strozzi, arr. Susan Mardinly)
Orpheus Singing (Juliana Hall)
Passacaglia (Rebecca Clarke)
Percussion Sculpture No. 1 (Lisa Coons)
Poverty to Liberty (Eun Sook Baek)
Prayer of Hildegard (Barbara Wallace)
Red Dragonflies (arr. Ruth Dwyer and Vicki Nurre)
Reflets (Lili Boulanger)
Resilience (Jessica Rugani)
Schwanenlied (Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel)
Shoes (Kathleen Lockhart Manning)
Sisters Face West (Rebekah Driscoll)
Soul Tea (Anita Kupriss)
Suite for Unaccompanied Trumpet (Cherilee Wadsworth Walker)
The Sky Above the Roof (Ralph Vaughan Williams, txt. Mabel Dearmer)
Tamil Prayer (Carolyn Halsted)
Take, oh take those lips away (Amy Beach)
Though Love Be A Day (Gwyneth Walker)
Three Miniatures (Jessica Rudman)
To Mary (Maude Valerie White)
Tree of Peace (Gwyneth Walker)
Tu Me Dirais (Cecile Chaminade)
Two Flutes and Tape for Janet (Nomi Epstein)